The Manual

Terrible to say but until 6 months ago I had never heard of The Manual – a vibrant and exciting online ‘magazine’ that offers a suite of guides from experts on a wide range of topics whether it be fashion, food, drink, travel, grooming or culture.

It’s labelled the ‘Essential Guide for Men’ but it’s a fascinating read for all and sundry. I was introduced to it by good friend Stewart Roxburgh of Scottish Development International in Boston who persuaded The Manual’s charismatic Editor in Chief Cator Sparks, to pay a visit to Scotland and feature ‘God’s Country’ in his ‘Essential Guide’.

The three of us (Cator, Stewart and I) got talking about tartan design and the good folk at The Manual got very enthusiastic about having their own. So began a long and sparkling email correspondence between Cator and I which resulted in The Manual Tartan and a slice of editorial in the online version about tartan designing –

Hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, Cator’s extensive coverage of Scotland that surrounds it.

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