International Corporate Tartans

There is hardly a country in the world that has not benefited over the centuries from the input of early immigrant Scots  – explorers, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, farmers, craftsmen, missionaries…. all of them brimming over with the Presbyterian work ethic and boundless ambition.

Those attributes and their considerable achievements left an enviable reputational and genetic legacy with which organisations and businesses around the globe are happy to associate.  And what better way to manifest that association than with one of the world’s most distinctive branding images – Tartan! And when that tartan incorporates your corporate colours and other relevant design features, you have a new and unique form of branding.

Some of our commissioned tartan designs for international companies, corporations and other organisations.



The Jewish Tartan

Ryder Cup 2006

Ryder Cup 2014


Outpost Club

Saks Fifth Avenue

New York Tartan Day Parade

New York Caledonian Club


Brooks Brothers, Madison Avenue


Lion Brand (Netherlands)

Russian Arctic Convoy (Russia)

Festival Intercéltico (Spain)

Russian Scottish (Russia)


Isetan (Japan)

Women’s Wear Daily (Japan)

University of Hong Kong (China)

St. Andrew’s Society of Singapore (Singapore)



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