“On 21 September 2016, World Alzheimer’s Day, we launched the world’s first Alzheimer Tartan.  This beautiful vibrant tartan has been an instant hit with our supporters and the feedback has been incredibly positive.  Brian took our brand colours and brought them to life in a beautiful vibrant tartan that suits both men and women and reaches across all generations and continents.  Brian is a true ambassador of tartan and has given us something that truly supports our cause and means so much to so many people and their families living with dementia across Scotland and the world.”Anna Devine

“Commissioning the Church of Scotland Guild tartan started out as a bit of a daunting process for us – we didn’t know where to start, especially with regards to navigating the world of tartan registration! However, after getting in touch with Brian, our fears were completely allayed as he explained and supported us through the whole process from start to finish. Brian’s professional approach to our project was hugely reassuring. His designs for the tartan were beautiful and completely encapsulated our brand and history. Brian also put us in touch with an excellent tartan weaver to see our design come to life as scarves and ties. With a huge number of merchandise sales and national newspaper coverage of our tartan launch, we were absolutely delighted with the success of the project. We would highly recommend Brian for any other charity or organisation seeking to commission their own tartan – the excellent, seamless service provided was true value for money.”Eilidh Marks

“I was very proud and honored to have an authority such as Brian, who has created many famous tartans to design our own brand Tartan.  When we relaunched this American brand from 1954 I asked Brian to design a tartan to be part of our brand logo. Brian managed to capture this period of the American Ivy league perfectly.”
Bastiaan Roessen, L.B.S.W. Lion Brand Sportwear. The Netherlands

“On behalf of the Eriskay Gathering Team who contacted you with thoughts of creating the Island of Eriskay’s own Tartan, we would highly recommend you since you made the process for us very straightforward. Even when we changed some of the colours, the drafts were returned to us very efficiently thus making the whole experience a pleasant journey to where we are now. The whole community of Eriskay is loving what we hope is going to be a wonderful thing. So Brian, we can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us and would love to see you in Eriskay’s Politician Bar for a few Drams on us. All the very best”Eriskay Gathering Team

“I approached Tartan Ambassador Ltd, after a recommendation from a very good friend knowledgeable in this field. He suggested unequivocally, that Brian would be his only point of contact to have any tartan designed.  I was totally new to both the concept and process of tartan making but with Brian’s assistance and his superb design skills and underlying depth of knowledge, the journey was both extremely easy and very productive – the outcome being two bespoke tartans that both my family and I are extremely proud to call our own. From initial contact to registration, Brian’s competency and professionalism shone through and I could not recommend him or his company highly enough.” – Dr A George Carruthers

“Hi Brian, they are all fantastic but the family consensus is Draft No. 1.
For his birthday, I’d like to frame the patch with the certificate . . . we would like this to be woven enough to make 3 x men’s tartan trews, 1 x child’s kilt’s and 3 x women’s large wrap/scarf and a small girl’s scarf”DS

“Brian designed two personal tartans for me and I was very surprised how quickly he got onto my wavelength regarding what I had in mind. Both tartans are beautiful and the one that only had two colours, was an inspired design that has met with very much praise.”
Charles Mack, Baron of Stoneywood

“Just a quick note of appreciation for all your advice, experience and most of all passion, in the creation of my family tartan. What started out as a short phone call ended up as a wonderful journey culminating in something that will hopefully remind future generations of not just me but my whole family. I have also just commenced the weaving process which will see our design brought to life. Once again, many thanks for helping me create and preserve my family history.” – JSH

“His diverse range of skills and flexibility has been of tremendous value. We left things far too late but not only was his design for us on the button, he produced it in a remarkably short time. When it came to sourcing, he was completely impartial and gave us a choice of weavers who met our requirements. His MBE was more than justified.”AN

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